How to work on Link shrink and how to earn online money

How to work on Link shrink

  1. First of all register on link shrink
  2. After registration complete your profile.
  3. Now you ready for Earning.
  4. Copy any link from any website which you want short.
  5. paste it in link short and set an alias ( you also short link without an alias)
  6. Click on the short link button
  7. now to copy your shorted link.
  8. Share this link where you want it to be shared like your blog, website, and any social media platform.
  9. you will get money for every click on your link.
  10. Don't self click and don't use any VPN.

Note:- Self click and click from VPN are not counted. it is against our policies. you do that action your account blocked by us.

Link shrink is the best of the link shortener website of India. 


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Published on: 5/6/20, 10:41 AM